About Ann & Lisen

Lisen Minetti’s love of books and writing began in elementary school when her mother presented her with a copy of The Hobbit before moving the family to Tooks Way in the whimsical neighborhood of Hobbit’s Glen. Lisen’s childhood was spent seeking adventure, slaying ghosts and solving mysteries – all of which have carried into adulthood. Living just outside of Atlantic City with her partner in crime, two mischievous minions and ferociously fluffy feline, Lisen writes middle grade and young adult fiction. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. You can connect with Lisen on Twitter @LisenMinetti.


Ann Jensen has always been drawn to imaginary worlds and the fascinating people in them. Whether it’s real life, a book, movie, or roleplaying games analyzing people/characters is more than just a hobby. Her favorite games are those that she can roleplay to a win without ever having to roll a die. Nothing annoys her more than characters that act outside their personalities without warning. By day she is a Test Engineer finding flaws in software and striving prove, that nothing is ever perfect. Ann is on Twitter @AnnJensenBooks